the Game Maker radio show episode 1

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the game maker radio show is a game maker radio show made by abusingwings who is gms staff. the show only airs on gms radio podcast channel.

Starting Time: THURSDAY 29'th OCTOBER - 8:30am(PST)/11:30am(EST) - 2:00pm(PST)/5:00pm(EST)
Ending Time: THURSDAY 29'th OCTOBER - 9:00am(PST)/12:00pm(EST) - 3:00pm(PST)/6:00pm(EST)

Game Reviews:
Dungeons of Dispair by platfood
DASH by LoginAlex
Framework 2 by peps1992
SpaceShot by QOG
Triangle maze by pixlize

Website Reviews
Avalon Games
Indiegame Lite Blog

Game Maker News
Prodigy GM Magazine Rises From The Dead
Game Maker 8 Logo Contest Entry Deadline
YoYo Games undergoing new round of funding
Game Maker Station offers merge to 64Digits

* 2 Minute Break so you can talk in the chat room to AbusingWings *

Feeding Parakeet Fail
Sharing Toy Fail
Salsa Stain Fail

possibly an inside scoop on what is going on with the GMCG.
More information about GMS Radio/Podcast and the Game Maker radio Show

A download is available at GMS Radio/Podcast website

"it wasnt til after the show that i noticed it was similar to gmlive. that was unintentional. ive only ever heard gmlive once. i am changing the show schedule to make it different than gmlive for next episode" -brian

Credits: Nate

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  1. wow wat a bad recording XD i had a bad mic lol

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