5'th GMS Radio Broadcast disaster / New GMS Radio player

Sources: GMS Radio/Podcast

first i would like to apologize for all of the difficulties i was having. the 5th broadcast was a complete disaster. jonathan from gmlive tried to help with the broadcast and was able to get it back online for a little while.

the good news is that we wont be having anymore of these player problems. we have a new player that works very well and is a great improvement over most flash and over windows media player 11.

the next show is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. be there :)

a new help page has been put up for the new player.

http://gamemakerstation.com/radio/help.html - please visit it for the most up to date help for this new player. as stated on the new help page do not show up for the show several hours early because you will get an error.

Credits: AW
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  1. i liked tat player :|

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