Game Maker School added 2 more classes

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Game Maker School added two more classes to their selection of classes you can take at the school. the school is nearly done and a finish date has been set for next week (mid-week | probably on Wednesday).

The classes added are: AI and Extensions.
  • Getting Started - Teaches how to use basic features of Game Maker for people who have never used it before.
  • Drag and Drop (D&D) - Teaches drag and drop game designing so that you will know how to use each action, and how powerful each D&D action actually is.
  • Game Maker Language (GML) - Teaches the simple side of GML.
  • Advanced Game Maker Language (A-GML) - Teaches the advanced side of GML.
  • Online - Teacher how to use the internet with Game Maker & even the multiplayer mode.
  • Extensions - Teaches how to use/make GM extensions.
  • Designing - Teaches the techniques of game designing.
  • Music - Teaches how to compose music.
  • Art - Teaches different techniques of spriting.
  • 3D - Teaches how to make 3-dimensional games.
  • AI - Teaches how to make different kinds of AI.

Please visit the school and become a part of the school as it's being built. Some of the classes are finished so feel free to take some classes. If you see a class that isn't completed, leave it and wait for it to be completed.

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