YoYo Site Performance Improvements

Sources: YoYo Games Glog

Many of you will have noticed that the site has become a bit unreliable lately, especially at weekends. The good news is we have a significant program of improvements under way. Later this week we will upgrade the two main servers including a considerable increase in memory on both of them. The Database server in particular will get 4 times as much memory as before.

We’re currently working on a major upgrade to the software on the site. Most significantly this will mean upgrading to Rails 2.3 from Rails 1.1. We’re anticipating a major performance and reliability boost from this as well as significant improvements to the Search capabilities on the main site. If we have the time we will also introduce a new version of the Beast software that drives the YYG Forums.

@Trollsplatterer has diligently trawled through the GMC, the YYG Forums and the Helpdesk to produce a three page list of bugs and feature requests…most of these will be implemented as part of that change.

There will be no major changes to the look and feel of the website, though there WILL be one important new feature that I’ll talk about in a separate post soon.

Finally, we will add a new distribution and payment mechanism to the website that will allow us to launch Game Maker 8 WITHOUT Softwrap ….thought some of you would be pleased about that !!

Credits: Sandy

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