Game Maker Top Sites spammed again

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Game Maker Top sites hosted by BSG Programmers (Game Maker Station's former sister site) has been spammed to the max again!

The main page (page 1) now contains nothing but links to foreign websites. All spam.

I'm not sure if the owner visits frequently enough or not, but this spam problem seems to happen ever few weeks (at least once a month).

Credits: Donald
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  1. Yeah... Like I said before, it's constantly plagued by spam.

    Maybe someone else should set one up.

  2. check out MMG Topsites. He screens the sites he gets over there. It looks like its still being worked on though...

  3. Yeah I saw the MMG topsites. it looks good. But does it get as many visitors?

  4. Hi
    I'm Zach Hext, the owner of Magic Man Games and MMG Top Sites. I just checked the logs, and we had close to 850 unique visitors to MMG Top Sites durring the month off Sept, which is pretty dang good considering that I haven't really done any sort of advertising in the past month or so. Yes, it still is in progress, as there are some bugs that I am trying to work out, as well as some new features that I am adding. Even if you think it may not get as many visitors, I think it still would be a smart idea to add your site anyways ;)
    ~Zach Hext

  5. I'll be sure to have a look at that ;)

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