GMVision's first GMLive live radio episode aired this morning..

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Well here it is, this is the first GMLive live radio show episode! The episode started this morning at 10:00am EST with music and the show started at 11:00am EST.

"They say they don't want to go off topic but they did anyways lol good show!" - AbusingWings

"Nice. Great job guys!" - Frederick

"That was a great show - quite entertaining" - grimmjow

"I really thought this was absolutely terrible. But it is a first episode, so what do you expect?" - Donald

"I thought this was an excellant first effort." - NakedPaulToast (noticed the spelling error)

"There's a lot of room for improvement, but I expected that. It's a good start." - DPoole

"Good effort but I hated it, sorry" - Nathan Watson

"Live calls didn’t start out successfully with no one calling in for thirty minutes then two-callers coming on air at the same time who talked over each other and the hosts. Thankfully things improved soon after that with calls from NakedPaulToast and NAL." - Philip

"I thought it was a very good first start." - KC LC

"Too many long pauses needs to be improved next time" - Shaun

"The way you interrupted your guests was really rude" - Tylor (GrazedICE)

Overview of the live radio show
First they introduced themselves and talked about their origins. They went on to talk about YoYo Games supposed lose of £180,000 (~$285,000 USD). Second, they talked about how the game maker logo was getting old (which it is not), so they're holding a competition for $250 and a free copy of game maker 8.0 pro (which you can already get if you have GM7 pro - so thats a horrible idea).

Sandy says that if you want a chance of winning you better remove the hammer in the icon. This is a dumbest idea I have ever heard! The hammer is indeed legendary like Joshua stated on the show.

Happy 20th birthday Robin!

The show had 'Calling in (How to, and FAQ)' which lasted only a few minutes.

Then they went on to talk about Metroid Online By Kinging Stoma and complained about the re-spawn time. Then they talked about Super smash battle 3d by Sakisa (the creator of popular Crime Life series) and said it should have a better training mode.

"Moment of the show: Jono discovering that New Jersey is in the USA and is not a country." - Philip. Frederick agrees with that.

They went on to talk about GM8 or GM for Mac. Peter said "No". They asked what YYG should do to get rid of their money problems. Joshua said "Maybe increasing the price of Game Maker" and then went on to say that it wouldn't be a good idea because people would complain.

NakedPaulToast came on the air.. NakedPaulToast went on to say that they should create a compatibility for Game Maker Mac/Windows. (the static talk came next ^_^ )

Discussion: $30 for GM? The problem is that the children can't buy it because they have to nag their parents to buy it for them. As for the adults, they have credit cards and can just go right out and buy it right away.

NAL came on the air.. NAL doesn't care about the Mac Game Maker. Joshua went on to say "They should make both versions the same... gm8 for mac, and gm8 for windows".

They went on to talk about maybe YYG having a pro account where you pay $5 a month to get no ads and have your game featured.
"Paying to get your game featured is a horrible idea. The reason for this is because featured games are popular games. Paying your way up to the top is dishonest and doesn't give games that deserve to be featured a chance." - Frederick

They were talking about how they didn't like the idea of having 1 mac genre and like 10 windows genres. "This is why GMS has them mixed and alerts you if it is made in Mac" - Donald.

"I hate YYG instant play because it's only available on the YYG site" - Joshua.


The rest is basically random Game Maker topics.

Listen again:

Credits: Ron, Frederick, Philip, Joshua, Jonathan, Donald, Nate, Harold, & Shaun
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