Granting first 100 requests that post here - only 37 slots left!

Sources: Game Maker Community

Because many members have requested them, I'm offering custom titles. Please don't PM the staff about this, or post comments or questions in this topic. These guidelines should be self-explanatory:

  1. Post in this topic with the title you want. You'll receive the title exactly as requested, so write carefully. Feel free to add an explanation. But PLEASE do it in a separate paragraph, below your title request. That way, I can quickly see your request. And don't post just to comment on another member's title.

  2. Maximum title length, including spaces and punctuation, is 20 characters. Titles may only contain standard alpha-numeric (US keyboard) characters and punctuation. No special characters, diacritic marks, or accents.

  3. Please don't post if you ALREADY have a title. I'll change old titles later, after we catch up on new ones.

  4. When the number of requests reaches 100 or so, I'll close the topic until I finish installing them.

  5. When I'm ready, I'll re-open the topic for another round every 3-4 weeks. If you miss this round, be patient.

There are only 37 slots available until she closes the topic and then you will have a long long wait til it's reopened. If you want a custom title you better hurry!

Credits: KC LC

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