Game Maker School RE-Opening soon

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This email was sent to thousands of people, and I happen to have a copy here for you.

Game Maker School (GMSS) is RE-opening soon. It is most recommended that you sign up for it NOW rather than waiting til we're done. Please do not attempt to take any classes because some of the tests are messed up and need to be rewritten.

The teachers weren't able to put together decent tests for their classes. Although the classes turned out great!
So we need a few people to go through a class and make the test for that class which will be used at GMSS for the official test. (First come first served). PM 'admin' with your test.

I am pretty sure we have no more teacher positions available at the moment.

We've been working to get GMSS running for several weeks now.
Please visit the school board and REGISTER an account before you forget.

Game Maker School

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