Age of Crime release date finally revealed

Sources: Arbideon Studios Forums & Arbideon Studios

Age of Crime - Alphanstein City from Arbideon Studios is suppose to be released some time in March of 2010.

Action/RPG - GTA Style Game created with Game Maker

An Overview of the Story
A young boy is born and raised in a ghetto on Bedweeden island in Alphanstein city and is faced with the horror of the memories of his step father who was recently killed in a car accident. His name is Tony Parish. This is the story of how he overcame fear enough to take back the city that rightfully belonged to his birth fathers gang.

Only small parts of screenshots have been leaked by Donald. But since the screenshots leaked are about half a year old, they are no longer completely accurate. We were told that they are changing from cartoon graphics to high quality cartoon graphics which obviously contain a ton of textures. As you can see they are still using those old buildings...

The World trade center in AOC-AC?
It's true. They have recaptured the world trade center twin towers and surrounding building complex.
Obviously these screenshots are taken from the game without the scenery. There was a screenshot somewhere of it finished and surrounded by houses and trees. I don't know what's up with the green at the top. I guess it was taken before the ocean was added in.

195 Missions
22 Characters
9 Islands
55 Vehicles
5 Weapons
Realistic weather

Credits: Donald (from GMS) & Donald (From Arbideon Studios)

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