GMLive is looking for a third host

Sources: GMVision

GMLive is a game maker radio show project created by GMVision. They are looking for a third host.

"We have realised that for Saturdays show we really need a third host. This is because one host will be in and out of the main chat ’screening’ live calls and updating the Ajax updater on the site. I (Jonathan Martin) will be the host who shall be doing that." - GMVision

"If you’d like to apply add GameMakerLive to a skype account and we will call and speak to you, We require you to speak good English and have a good microphone. This is not yet a permanent placement but we may offer one to you after the show." - GMVision

If they don't get a host by Saturday they will try to have the show going to the best of their abilities nonetheless.

Credits: Joshua Pedroza

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  1. hope they find it

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