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Sorry this is so late, but I was asked to post it anyway.

Okay. I've been wanting to review this guy for quite a while. So lets hope it turned out alright! :P

Me: Hey Dannyboy
Dannyboy: Hey
Me: Have you made any games?
Dannyboy: No major ones, only a few arcade style games.

Me: What version of Game Maker do you currently use?
Dannyboy: 7
Dannyboy: Pro
Me: Did you have to purchase it, or did you trade a GM6 registration key for it?
Dannyboy: I traded a GM6 key for it (I bought the GM6 one)
Me: Cool!

Me: What kind of games do you enjoy making? (genre to be exact)
Dannyboy: I enjoy making platformers, I've got many incomplete ones sitting around.

Me: Hmmmm... Do you visit Yo Yo Games?
Dannyboy: Not very often, mostly only if I see a link to a good looking game in a GMC members sig.

Me: Are you popular on the GMC?
Dannyboy: Popular? I guess I'm reasonably popular, I was asked to lead the programming of the GMCG.
Me: What is the GMCG?
Dannyboy: Game Maker Community Game. We're attempting to get the whole GMC to help develop a game.
Me: Interesting. Who started it?
Dannyboy: The member grimmjow suggested the idea in a community topic, as it was reasonably accepted by several members Chronic created a set of sub-forums for us.
Me: What do you think of the whole thing?
Dannyboy: I think it's a great idea, it's going to be a slow process though as it takes a long time for decisions to be made when so many peoples opinions have to be considered.

Me: Are you working on any games at the moment? (besides GMCG)
Dannyboy: I've put my personal projects on hold for the moment.
Me: Aw...

Me: When did you first start using Game Maker?
Dannyboy: About 2004.
Dannyboy: A little before GM6 was released.

Me: After the GMCG is finished, what do you plan on doing next?
Dannyboy: Going back to my own project. I'm hoping to make a platformer in a similar style to Commander Keen.
Me: Commander Keen is a great style for games! Are you making similar enemies, or are you getting your own ideas?
Dannyboy: I haven't started enemy designs yet, I hope to make them original but I'm not a very creative person.
Me: Well, I hope you come up with something!
Dannyboy: Thanks :)

Me: Do you plan on adding hidden things into your games? Such as Easter eggs?
Dannyboy: Well following with the CK style, there will be plenty of secret passages for the player to discover.
Me: Nice!

Me: Have you entered any of YYG competitions to win the $1,000 prize?
Dannyboy: No, I did enter Chronic's "Simulations and Sports" mini contest though to recieve equal first place with my entry "Table Soccer" [url][/url].

Me: What is your favorite game maker game?
Dannyboy: Iji by far, it's an incredible game!
Me: I love that game too! Very well done.

Me: What's your least favorite game? One you HATE!
Dannyboy: Now that's a difficult question, hmm...
Dannyboy: I honestly can't think of one, there are plenty of poorly made games out there but none I could say that I HATE.
Me: Yeah. Same here!

Me: So, would you say you are a very good GML programmer?
Dannyboy: Yes, I consider myself a good GML programmer.
Me: How long have you been programming with GML?
Dannyboy: I think I started with about 6 months GM experience, so about 4 years.

Me: Do you consider yourself a help to other Game Maker users?
Dannyboy: Well I answer quite a lot of questions in the Novice Q&A, they seem to appriciate the help.

Me: I really can't think of anything else to ask you at the moment. Maybe you could share some more things about you!
Dannyboy: Well I'm a first year uni student studying Robotics & Mechatronics with Computer Science and Software Engineering.
Me: Do you enjoy that?
Dannyboy: Yes.
Me: That's good.

Me: What are you best at in Game Maker?
Dannyboy: Programming, I do a little bit of spriting and composing but I'm not great at them.
Me: Which one do you like doing better?
Dannyboy: I find composing more enjoyable but I'm rather terrible at it :P
Me: That's a hobby I'm hopefully going to be picking up. I hope everything goes well for you! As for me.. I'll probably be a disaster! :P

Me: Have you ever watched Game Maker TV?
Dannyboy: I skimmed through an episode once.
Me: Did you like it?
Dannyboy: Most of the content I had already read, but they did a good job of presenting it.
Me: Yeah, I thought so too!

Me: Okay, now one final question!
Me: If you were to meet Professor Mark Overmars, what would you say to him?
Dannyboy: Well I'd start with "Thankyou for creating the tool which inspired my interest in programming." But I'd also love to ask him about some of the technical issues to do with how Game Maker works and why he designed it the way he did.
Me: Well, thanks for joining me for this interview! I hope to hear from you again!

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