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Sorry this is so late, but I was asked to post it anyway.

Here is an interview that.. well, lets just say that it took around 40 minutes for some reason :P

Me: Hello Darzoz
Darzoz: hi
Me: How are you?
Darzoz: fine...
Me: That's good.

Me: Before I get into the deeper details of this interview, tell us a little about yourself. For example: your name, occupation, etc.
Darzoz: um.... well hrmm...
Darzoz: can't say much sorry. dad said not to give much info about me personally :(
Me: o.O Ok

Me: What was the first version of Game Maker you ever tried?
Darzoz: 7.0

Me: What version of Game Maker are you currently using?
Darzoz: GM 7.0 pro

Me: About how long have you been using Game Maker?
Darzoz: a year... i think (i think i started at 17 February 2008)

Me: How many games have you made with Game Maker?
Darzoz: about 211 (but most of those are BS) all the good ones i've made theres about 3.
Me: Which one do you feel was your best?
Darzoz: E.A.A.P.S. --reinvasion-- (nice lil' arcade game)

Me: Tell us a little more about this game
Darzoz: well... its a arcade space shooter, a bit like galaga. with 3 power ups, a few diferent enemys and two bosses. it was fun to make to.
Me: Did you do it all by yourself, or was this game made with a partner (team work)?
Darzoz: all by my self.
Me: If you could go back and redo the entire game, what would you do different?
Darzoz: oh, hmm... well i would add diferent planets for misions, and a bit of a story to. hrm... the rest is good to me. :)
Me: Nice!

Me: Do you have any upcoming projects?
Darzoz: yah, a platform fighting game (like SSB, but not in 3D), and maybe a bit of a redo of E.A.A.P.S.
Me: Are they started yet?
Darzoz: well i've just started on the fighting game. the other one... (eaaps) no not yet, i hope to soon though.

Me: What kind of games do you prefer making?
Darzoz: i like makeing arcade games (like eaaps) and platform games... over head is good to (but not so much)

Me: Have you ever worked with a team on any games?
Darzoz: well not proggraming, but i've been a tester for an Assassins creed platformer.

Me: What would you say you're the best at in game making? Example: spriting, programming, level desgning, music composing, etc.
Darzoz: probably level designing, (but i try to be good at it all)
Me: Which one of those do you feel could be improved? ...alot..
Darzoz: spriting, yah...

Me: Do you upload your games to YYG? Or do you prefer other sites such as: TP, GMG, GMS, 64D, etc.
Darzoz: YYG, but some times TP.

Me: What's your opinion of 64 Digits? (honest opinion)
Darzoz: well... i've only been there once, so i don't have much of an opinion, but from what i've heard its not good...

Me: Many small Game Maker Communities have started up over the past years. Which ones have you actually visited?
Darzoz: :| well... i don't know wich ones are new but: TP, GMS, GameCliff, hmm... yah, thats all i can remember right now.

Me: That about wraps it up for the interview right now! Thanks for joining us for this interview. I hope to hear from you again soon.
Darzoz: Thanks! ^_^ and Youre welcome... kk. lol bye. (i think)

Credits: Frederick

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