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Sorry this is so late, but I was asked to post it anyway.

Okay, I just had to get this one posted out for you all. This is an interview I did with FredFredrickson in about 6 minutes. As most of you already know, I don't just have forms for people to fill out. These are real interviews! They are live on a private chat room (with an optional mic system).

The goal of each of my interviews is for you to get to know the game creator more.
Enjoy this interview.


Me: Hello
Fred: hi
Me: How are you?
Fred: i'm good, you?
Me: Pretty good. Thanks!
Me: Before I get into the deeper details of this interview, tell us a little about yourself. For example: your name, occupation, etc.
Fred: Well, my real name, as some people probably know, is Martin Crownover. my usual online monicker is Fred or FredFredrickson. I work as a production artist, and as a freelance illustrator / designer and I make games and websites as well

Me: What was the first version of Game Maker you ever tried?
Fred: i believe it was 5

Me: What version of Game Maker are you currently using?
Fred: I'm using 7, currently

Me: How long have you been using Game Maker?
Fred: I've been using Game Maker for about 8 years now

Me: How many games have you made in Game Maker?
Fred: completed games?
Me: Yeah
Fred: probably around 10
Fred: that includes utilities, and a couple of projects i've done privately for other people

Me: Which of your games do you feel was your best?
Fred: hehe, that's a tough one
Fred: for my publically released games, i think hover tank 3d was probably one of the best
Me: How long did it take you to make hover tank 3d?
Fred: about 8 months total
Fred: it was my first 3d game, so there was a lot of learning involved in that one
Me: If you could go back and re make it, what would you do different?
Fred: oh, there's a lot i would do differently
Fred: i'd optimize the 3d code, and probably make the game longer, for starters. and also improve the multiplayer mode
Me: When did you release hover tank 3d to the general public?
Fred: i believe it was in january 2006

Me: Do you have any upcoming projects?
Fred: well, i always have a lot of game ideas that i've written down, and i have a few in production. but right now i am focusing on improving the reflect system
Me: What is the reflect system?
Fred: the reflect system is an online service that me and a friend (fox-nl) developed.. to help get our own games online. as well as for others
Me: How's that going along?
Fred: it's going well, i'm getting ready to make a lot of improvements to the things the server can do for games
Me: Is it already released?
Fred: no, it's released. people are using it now at:
Me: Oh! I see

Me: What genre do you prefer to make your games in?
Fred: probably action games, since the programming comes a bit more naturally to me
Me: Sounds like a nice choice!

Me: You're a moderator of GMC. Are you a mod anywhere else as well?
Fred: aside from my own websites, no
Fred: i don't think i'd have time to do mcuh of anything else

Me: Are you a member of any smaller Game Maker websites, or do you mostly keep to your own website and GMC?
Fred: i'm a member of many of the other gm oriented sites. like gmg, eo, and 64 digits. i spend most of my forum time on gmc and my own site though

Me: Okay, I guess that about wraps it up for now! Thanks for joining me for this review! I hope to hear from you again soon.
Fred: thanks for the interview
Me: Have a nice day!
Fred: you too, see ya later :)

Credits: Frederick

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