The New Game Maker 8 Logo

Credit & Source: Sandy

The new logo for Game Maker 8 has been chosen. It's a far different style then we are used to in the previous versions of Game Maker, but you'll soon grow used to it.

Sandy says "I’m absolutely delighted to be able to announce the new logo for Game Maker. It took a bit of time before we settled on a final choice but we wanted a logo that was modern, clean and that reflected the fun and excitement that we feel is there for poeple who MAKE as well as PLAY games. It’s a compete break with the theme of teh old logo and is intended to take us forward into what we think will be a very exciting few years for YoYo Games and Game Maker!!"

The winning entry was submitted by ALBERT ZAK who wins the $250 first prize.

Albert lives in Vienna, Austria and has been using Game Maker for almost 5 years. Albert is a big technology fan and wants to be a Game Developer when he leaves college. Please join me in congratulating Albert and thanking ALL of you who submitted so many fantastic designs to the competition. We’ll send out messages to the 4 runners up separately who will all win a free copy of Game Maker 7 Pro (and Game Maker 8 Pro when it’s released).

Here's one versions of the Game Maker 8 logo:

Sandy Duncan was embarrassed about the new GM8 logo. He left a message on twitter saying... "Launched the new Game Maker logo today...can't believe how much people were attached the old one. It was SO embarassing!"

Dr Watz0n says "I hope YoYo is ready for the shit-storm they’ve just started."

Also, someone started a GM8 logo Petition to rid YYG of the logo. We doubt this will affect YYG at all.

Also, an image was recently made that shocked us.

Sandy Says...
Reading the last few posts I sense there’s some common sense floating about ….I’ll take positive suggestions along these lines.. It’s NOT about money…

Firstly, I want Albert to agree to any changes to HIS logo, but I’m prepared to LISTEN..and even pay out more prize money if, AND only IF, we can reach a consensus that Albert’s design is essentially OK…..testing, testing, testing ….

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  1. The logo sucks. A lot! I've seen better logos, why did they have to choose that one? It has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with GM, and it's not even well done! I've seen a lot that were better than this one!

    This is another reason for sticking to GM6. Unless GM8 is the most awesome thing ever I won't use it.

  2. the words that came outta my mouth were wtf
    i even sed it out loud and my mom got mad lol i didnt meen to say tat out loud XD

    i think its a tad bit unprofesional
    i liked fredfredricksons one betta

  3. Huh.. Yeah I was a bit shocked too. Since we're going to be stuck with this logo for a long time, we might as well make the best of it.

  4. I saw much better logos in the topics. This one has nothing to do with GM, and is definitely not the best. [/trying not to flame]

  5. Yeah. You can find much better ones at the official YYG logo contest archive here:

  6. I started the petition. I will be very happy face if you signed it.

  7. Image that shocked you (last one)? You guys get shocked pretty easily, don't you?

    Who is this Albert Zak anyways?

  8. X

    The gear is okay, but the smiley doesn't fit at all...<.<


  9. I can't believe the winner received $250 for that garbage they call a logo.
    I can't even believe he won, let alone getting $250.
    It's just a rip off the Yahoo! logo, lol...

  10. I think saying that Sandy was embarressed about the new logo, is misleading. He's not so much embarressed about the logo, but that fact that so many people objected to it.

    Game Maker Gazette is looking nice btw. Hadn't checked it out 'till just now.

  11. omg! nooooooooooooooo

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