Game Maker Community Disaster - YGG Logo Petition Reaches 500 Goal

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Game Maker Community Disaster

Game Maker Community met it's old friend disaster after a recent topic started called "idiot". The poll deals with "what is acceptable treatment of users?" If people are 'idiots', should they be told that they are idiots? Though it may be fun to make remarks about other people's intelligence, it may actually be counter productive. While some people may benefit from criticism, others may not. Some people are very touchy. I think the question should be "Am I an idiot for starting a topic about something when the rules clearly state that what I am asking is not allowed". Answer to your question, "yes". This topic clearly shows the immaturity of the community and proves that the Game Maker Community Moderators and Administrators are encouraging spam topics.

A poll was attached to the topic:

Directly after this, one of the largest debates in Game Maker history was started over a logo. This logo happens to be the new Game Maker logo. Apparently half the community hates it! The comments were counted by Brian Fetcher and came to approx 1,544. That's an insane debate!

On top of this, the debate got crazy and people began to go insane making images like these:


Imagine how the creator must feel having to watch this? This is madness.

They even made a game about it.

YGG Logo Petition Reaches 500 Goal

The petition finally reached their goal of 500 and even went over the limit! We're still waiting to see the results after its sent to Sandy Duncan.
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  1. I like the last logo the best.

  2. Yeah me too. It's dark and evil. Like us here at GMS! :P

  3. Sandy should have expected the repulsion. He should also realize that more than a "loud minority" dislike the new logo. I think he is in denial. The argument over it is out of hand though.

  4. that or he dont have a taste for graphics lol

  5. wel at least sandy listens to us XD

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