GMIndie Radio Episode 7 - The new GMS

GMIndie Radio Episode 7

GMIndie Radio episode 7 played about an hour and a half ago live on GMS Radio Podcast.

1. Introduction
2. Contents
3. Game Maker News
-- The new Game Maker 8 logo
-- YoYo Games pays attention to their ads
-- GMVisions second minisode
4. Game Maker Game Reviews
-- Re-review of Phych by 3d
-- SKULLPOGO by ChevyRay
-- Ninja Strike by Heatbox
-- Jake Skill and the Crystal Quest by -TD-
5. Discussion Time
-- Future of Game Maker
-- Future of Game Maker Station
6. Credits

The show was cut short this morning for who knows what reason! It's available to listen to here:

The New GMS

A new launch of GMS is scheduled for December first but may change. -
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  1. cool! it got anounced :)

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