Game Maker Prices to Sky Rocket in 2010 Rumor false - Availability of Game Maker 8

Sources: YYG and Sandy
Credit: Sandy, Devan and Frederick

Original Article:
Title: Game Maker Prices to Sky Rocket in 2010
Message: Game maker has gone up $5 in value since a few months ago. Some good sources were told that game maker prices might sky rocket in 2010 after the release of game maker 8 to help with ongoing yoyo games financial problems.

this information could be incorrect. pretty sure its not.

July 2009 - $19.99 U.S.
October 2009 - $24.99 U.S.
March 2010 - $29.99 U.S.

if you have doubts contact sandy from yyg


This rumor is not true. This original article was deleted from a Game Maker blog a while back and was reposted on several websites. Apparently it wasn't removed soon enough, so many people already read it. The message sounds convincing but isn't true. The message was deleted shortly afterwards, but I happen to have a carbon copy here (See above)

Sandy's original reply to this article was "The price went up to $25 almost a year ago. Nothing is correct in this message.". Sandy also says "I’ve read too many comments in various places on and off the website about price increases for GM8."

It is officially confirmed that the price is not going to sky rocket. THE PRICE OF GAME MAKER 8 WILL BE $25.

Availability of Game Maker 8: (quoted from YYG Glog)
I’m less certain about the launch date. Mark has recently released the second release candidate so this means we’re very close to having a final product.

The main thing we have to do now is to get the updates finished to the website. We are currently testing the first phase of this which is a major upgrade to the website infrastructure.

The first of these is to update the architecture of the site. Since we launched the site almost 3 years ago the Ruby on Rails framework (more info here which we rely on has moved along significantly. Unfortunately we didn’t keep pace with the incremental changes published for Rails and have left ourselves a big task to catch up. We’ve now done this, but it has effectively meant an almost complete review of the website with almost every page requiring some changes. When we release this update the site won’t look any different, but it should get rid of most of the performance bottlenecks we experience, particularly at weekends when the site is busiest.

Second thing we need to do is to finish the work we’ve been doing to create a distribution system to replace Softrwap. I know some of you have experienced difficulties with the way Softwrap’s DRM works and others just hate the idea of having a DRM at all. There are even some of you who have had no issues and don’t care about DRMs but hate Softwrap because it’s been fashionable to do so !!

What most of you don’t see is Softrwap provide us with a decent bunch of tools to correct most of the (very few) issues quickly and most importantly they provide YOU with a reasonable process for buying Game Maker. SO…it is taking a fair bit of time for us to rewrite some of this functionality and especially to test it to make sure it works properly from Day 1. This has taken a lot longer than we would have liked and today I simply don’t know when this will be finished. As soon as we know a date we’ll tell you and THAT will also mean the date when we can “Launch” Game Maker 8 properly. Worth noting that the new Beta expires end of December….so it would be nice not to have a third Release Candidate just because of this !!!
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