Game Maker Station Competition 01 - RTS ended

Game Maker Station Competition 01 - RST has ended. This means that no more entires are being accepted. The goal was to create a Real time strategy game with enemies, structures, and weather. EXTRA points would be rewarded for adding more stuff into the game! (including: Easter eggs, Secrets, and other such things)

Other requirements were that the game had to include at least 2 levels, and 2 difficulties. You could put a level editor in the game as desired [totally optional]. You were encouraged to be creative, I like to see scenery as well. For example: trees, brush, grassy background, etc. Also, failure to add the help would result in automatic disqualification.

The 3 winners will be announced in a few weeks (allowing us time to play through all of the games).

First Prize = U.S $200
Second Prize = U.S $100
Third Prize = U.S $50

Good luck to the contestants ;)


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  1. cool cant wait to see who won :)

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