New Game Maker Beta(s)

Sources & Credit: sandy

YYG posted a new version of GM4MAC recently and last weekend Mark posted the second release candidate of Game Maker 8. Sandy asks all not to ask when they'll be released as they are still developing the necessary infrastructure on the YYG website to support the final releases of Game Maker. Sandy says it's a big job, but they'll let us know as soon as it's ready.

Enjoy and don’t forget to provide feedback via the Beta Testing servers.
Note: They’re aware that there is one severe bug with the Mac version related to scaling images and they’re working hard to solve this.

List of what’s fixed in the latest GM4Mac Release:
0000168 Edit Spirit
0000176 Sprite editor doesn’t work well
0000022 Error with the image editor.
0000149 Sprite-maker doesn’t work very well
0000069 Zoom feature on paint zooms in on top left corner
0000054 Image Editor Zoom Error
0000031 Graphical smudging glitch when drawing in the sprite editor
0000042 The Sprite Maker Does not function.
0000165 sprite rotation crashes whole program
0000172 GM Crash
0000171 mouse requirements
0000178 Unable to draw sprites or even select them for that matter
0000051 One-Button Mouse.
0000180 Extra options
0000018 Game Info text effects not working
0000104 double-clicking game maker file does not actually open the file
0000124 Sprites do not show up in sprite editor window
0000111 Game wont run!
0000097 .gmk game file not saving anything?
0000105 ”Inside drop files” error message upon opening gmk from Finder
0000030 Unable to run games with os 10.4.11
0000060 Games don’t run
0000096 Access violation crash in Game Information window
0000034 i can´t run my test game
0000064 Does not load on startup even when the setting is on.
0000019 Won’t load help (documentation) file
0000024 You can’t open the properties window for paths or timelines.
0000029 Game info settings causing crash
0000033 Requests .ico file for icon; Not Icns
0000049 Smaller apps
0000045 Selecting extension packages doesn’t work

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