Hundreds of games and examples left with broken links - WHFF is dead

Source: Philip Gamble & Will Host for Food

The once popular Will Host for Food hosting website is over. This leaves hundreds of games and examples uploaded to the internet on both Game Maker Community and Game Maker Station broken! This problem may take weeks to fix on both these game maker websites.

"Sorry guys, the gig is up. As I am in physics I receiced an email saying WHFFs files were deleted, and i am bring kicked ofd my host. WHFF most likely wont be able to return unless we get a substantial amount of donations. We would appreciate donations but we are not begging. If you do want to donate, we will need roughly $600-$900 dollars USD. Space and bandwith is expensive and I've serve you well, and it is all i can do anymore. I am sorry for all the broken links on the internet.

R.I.P. WHFF 2007 - November 20, 2009.


It's hard to see WHFF burn like this. It is a disgrace."
- Will Host for Food.
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  1. Its really too bad. they were a good host!

  2. Yeah, it's crazy how such an insanely popular website couldn't get 900 dollars in donations.

    I guess that makes it essential to NOT give away software for free.

  3. nooooooooooooooooooo! my game was on ter!

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