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This is just a heads-up to let you know that Game Jolt be starting another competition on November 1st, 2009 Eastern Standard Time US! The compo will be running for just one week this time, unlike the last competition, but I think anyone who's interested will find that to be plenty of time once they reveal the official theme.

If you're really curious as to what the theme may be, the poster up there does give somewhat of a hint (not an obvious answer, but a hint anyway).

Three winners will be chosen. All three will be featured on the front page of the site. The first place winner will win a free single game of their choosing from Steam (no packs)! All contestants will also receive a Bloody Good Time -- courtesy of Game Jolt.

All the info you need to know (important rules and answers to often asked questions) regarding this competition can be found in the first post here + more will be added on November 1st: Click!
I'll also update this post when the theme is revealed and such.

That about sums things up, so I hope to see some of you when November 1st jumps around the corner!

Credits: brod

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  1. this sounds lik fun. to bad i wasnt able to compete :(

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