Christmas Contest

Sources: Game Maker Community

Is game making your passion?
Would like to make a little cash from it?
Introducing TechEasy's Christmas game contest!

Prize:$11 cash paypal.Pot goes up with each entry!

1) All submitted content must be 100% original.
2) All content must use 100% original resources.
3) Content must be submitted by Devember 15th at midnight.
4) All games must be submitted in editable format.
5) All games must follow theme (christmas).
6) We reserve the right to redistribute.

This contests theme is christmas!
Here are the theme rules!
1) Must have something to do with christmas!
2) Must be complete..No dead ends.
3) Must be under 20MB.

We will be offering direct cash! Delivered to your paypal the day the winner is picked! The amount will be decided by how many people enter but the pot starts at $10! We'll update the top of the page every day to let you know what the pot is at! If you plan on entering we'd really appreciate an RSVP so we can let everyone know what the pot is up to! If you could do this we'd appreciate it!

Credits: GMLismybeach

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  1. sweet! sounds lik fun :)

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