the new Game Maker Station in january 2010

Sources: Frederick

"Game Maker Station is still in the beta stage because we never finished the site" - AW

its impossible to say just when in January this new template will be used. With this new template launch game maker station is going PHP. frederick says that none of the current staff program php so he is looking for volunteers and might be willing to pay them a reasonable price. you will have to create another gms account for the website (kind of like yyg). game maker journal will be destroyed and replaced with "news" on the site. it'll be a blog of sorts, but only gms members can post. game maker station will be using the "blog" for the site news rather than the front page.

future planned design:
1. logo.png
2. current date / and maybe even current time in the future (java script)
3. login links / when logged in you see "upload, profile, settings, logout" (logged_in_links.php)
4. welcome username();
5. navigational links (nav_links.php)
6. search result directory (results.php)
7. optional submission button (only on certain pages - opt_submit.php)
8. title();
9. page content (content.php)
10. right column 1 content (right_col.php)
11. optional secondary/continuation of column 1
12. search box (sb.php)
13/14. right column 1 content (right_col.php)+ optional secondary/continuation of column 1

the top of the pages will remain the same on each page. different layouts have been chosen or created special for each page. for example - games, sprites, etc.

new stuff:
instant play, instant play counter, selling game system(?), download counters, ratings, comments, & more.

game maker station still doesn't host files for members PERIOD. they have to be linked to a free hosted/personal hosted .ZIP file. linking to game pages is AGAINST THE RULES.

the website will be down December 2009 except for the radio, blogs and forums.

Credits: AW & Nate

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