Game Maker 8, Countdown begins

Quoted from the YYG Glog...
Thank you to all of you who voted in the GMC Poll. With 57% of the 800 or so who voted in favour of an early release of Game Maker 8 we’ve begun preparations to get it released as soon as we can. Much work remains to be done, but we’re trying to get this done before the holidays if that’s possible. We’ll amke a number of announcemnet here on teh Glog, so please keep checking for news. There’s been plenty of discussion on this topic so far, so I haven’t included any comments on this post.
It's coming soon! This will be the the best Christmas present ever Sandy! Thank you :)
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  1. cool! i cant wait fur gm!: P

  2. Even though im excited for it, this is bad news for my bday (yes, truely it is), but at least we get it!!
    Just another few months of SoftCRAP...
    -Bret Hudson

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