GMIndie Releases - GMIndie Radio Ep 10 & GMIndie Magazine Issue 1

GMIndie broadcasted episode 10 (new GM related audio ep record) starring Brian Fetcher and Bret Hudson, and last but not least, GMIndie's new magazine GMIndie Magazine (which was launched earlier this week) issue 1 was released just a few minutes ago.

On GMIndie this week, Brian discussed the usual topics like news, a few game reviews and an annoying commercial (jk it was fine). Oh, and he went a minute over time as usual ^_^. On GMIndie Magazine this week there are a few articles of interest, like the long one on the right by Frederick giving us tips about how to make some money off of our games and there are some other articles on there as well. Check it out!

GMIndie Radio Episode 10

GMIndie Magazine Issue 1
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