Game Maker TV Canceled

Game Maker TV has been canceled. It has not yet been confirmed that it is officially canceled because Danny is still waiting to see. The way things are going, it's most likely that they are going to die. Danny said on the Game Maker Community...
"We have decided to cancel any further productions of Game Maker TV for now and possibly forever. We are for sure putting at least a halt to productions, however we may pick up n producing more episodes in the future. There were several deciding factors that caused this but mainly the reasoning was that creating these episodes was far too much time consuming work for a two man team consisting of Brad and myself. The chances of us picking up production vary depending on if we would ever be able to build up a bigger team. if interested you can PM me or Brad (Revel) so we can keep you in mind when/if we ever begin production again. The Game Maker community was very supportive of Game Maker TV and we thank you for that however, the Game Maker Community has been having a decrease in popularity in the past few years, this is not news to many but until we see an increase in community attendance we will not begin producing more episodes. Likely with the release of GM8 this increase will be seen, so we will determine our status there. Mods are welcome to close this topic and we will have it reopened if production ever starts again. Feel free to PM Brad or myself if you would like to address your criticism. We had fun doing it just have now lost interest. And no we will not be giving away the rights to Game Maker TV or it's logos so don't bother asking. Thank you guys for all of your support."

We hope this isn't goodbye for Game Maker Tv.

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  1. wtf? noooooooooooooooooooooo!

    hey nice photoshop grave XD

  2. Hmmm... This was bound to happen. I'm proud of you guys for continuing to work on Game Maker shows. I know they aren't easy. With Game Maker Tv gone, GMVision now has the best Game Maker show. :)

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