Game Maker 8 Free Upgrades

To continue the last article...
This post is intended to clarify who will receive free upgrades and how the process will work and has been copy pasted "word" for "word" from the YYG Glog.

1. If you PAID for Game Maker 7 at any time in 2009 you are automatically entitled to a FREE upgrade to Version 8.

2. We will only provide free upgrades until March 31st, 2010

3. If you do NOT qualify, please don’t send messages to us as we will not be able to respond. There is no other upgrade program. If you received a FREE upgrade to Game Maker 7 during 2009, then YOU DO NOT QUALIFY FOR ANOTHER FREE UPGRADE.

4. IF you qualify, then MOST of you should be able to upgrade AUTOMATICALLY.

* Install Game Maker 8 LITE and click on the Tab that Says “ENTER ACTIVATION CODE”
* Then “RE-Install Existing License”
* In the License Holder field enter the email address you used to register the program.
* Enter your Purchase Reference in the other box
* Click the arrow key to send the details to Softwrap.
* Watch with amazement as your GM8 Lite (hopefully) turns into Pro :)
* Any GENUINE problems then contact the YoYo Games Helpdesk

SCHOOLS who purchased under the Academic program will receive separate instructions on how to upgrade and shoudl contact the Help Desk with their license details. School upgrades will not be available until January. Same rules for qualification and offer period apply to Academic licensees.

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  1. damn i got a free upgrade from 6 to 7 so i cant get a free upgrade :(

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