Game Maker 8.0 Released

Today, Game Maker 8.0 is finally here. YoYo Games Sandy Duncan has announced the release of the Game Maker 8.0 on the Game Maker Glog. And as Sandy Duncan promised, it is here before Christmas. There's not much different from the second release candidate, other than it actually being the official copy of Game Maker 8.0. Log on to YoYo Games and buy a copy of Game Maker 8.0 Pro.


Download Game Maker 8.0 (Lite)


Supposedly a Game Maker 8 crack will be available this evening. STAY AWAY from cracks. I hope this one is a fake and is really a virus that slips right past virus scanners. Would be funny and serve you right for downloading a crack :P

Another news topic about this coming soon...

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  1. yay! finally game maker 8 is here

  2. damn right XD

  3. dosnt work

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