Game Maker Station Re-Launch

Game Maker Station has successfully re-launched and is now strictly in beta. Few features are available at the moment. Josh says "we should have all the features completed by friday".

Currently the Games Portal and the Examples are not completed yet.

What's new?
Chat room on a fixed footer navigation bar
Logo replacing text
New Dark Theme
& many more

Upcoming Construction
Game Maker Station is officially under construction until Friday.

Frederick - "So many people have worked with us on the new theme as well as some friends from the original layout design. Thanks everyone. I'm putting together the credits page soon."
Josh - "i didnt think we was going to have the site up today but we did"

Frederick explains the compatibility the site has with Internet Explorer and warns to upgrade to the newest version -

The forum is currently a mess. Please excuse the clutter. -

Game Maker Station

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  1. wow it looks so much betta :)

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