Game Maker Station's new Owner and Co-Owner

source and credit: josh and frederick

Josh gave up on Game Maker Station because of things going on in his life (aside from being lazy). The website and forums now belong to MelonYoshi and The Mouse of Time.

MelonYoshi (former Co-Owner of Game Maker Station) was promoted to Owner of Game Maker Station just an hour ago. We were alerted of this change over email. Josh says that everyone else on Game Maker Station will know when MelonYoshi posts about it in the news & announcements forum.

The Mouse of Time (another GMS admin) was promoted to Co-Owner to work along side MelonYoshi and keep Game Maker Station running. Frederick says The Mouse of Time is the "most helpful" administrator he's seen so far. Don't get him wrong. The other admins are helpful too. But The Mouse of Time has helped more with coding, creating a downloadable chat for the GMS Chat along with many other things.

"This was my idea. I suggested making MelonYoshi owner and The Mouse of Time co-owner. So thanks for listening Josh!" - Frederick
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  1. Yay! The community. was falling apart, and I hope that this will bring it back together.

  2. cool! congrats guys

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