GameJolt Achievements (Closed Beta)

Writen by: Ed

GameJolt, and indie game community, populated by around 60% or so GameMaker users has begun its Kongregate style Achievements system, and User Tokens. What this means is you will be able to add in a built in GameJolt Achievements into your game, allowing them to be visible on your GameJolt account. It's like built in online achievements, that you don't have to make! Anyway, It's a big thing, as GameJolt tries to rally in more users with cooler features. The features will be able to be added to all games, so it will be a cool thing to see in GameMaker games. Your User Token will be used to hold the scores or something like that. For more info on the Achievements System, visit the links.

Official GJ Topic:
Sign Up for Closed Beta:

EDIT: I recently noticed that Andrew McCluskey (NAL Games) Has created the first game to use GameJolt Achievements/Trophy Closed Beta system. Play his game, La Rolloux here:

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  1. It is... Congrats to Andrew for getting it to work.

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