GMC's Advanced Users forum changes

xshortguy (a local GMC moderator) says...
The Advanced Users Forum has undergone a metamorphosis. The forum has been changed to a general discussion forum for GML and Mathematics. Moderator preview has been removed. With that being said, here are a few guidelines for the change:

• Avoid posting help questions there. The forum's intent is for discussions; topics should contain enough information to start a discussion about a topic.
• Do not post homework questions there. It is expected for users that discuss mathematics to have some background in the material. There are many places on the internet for homework help, and the GMC is not one of them. Learn the material and then discuss how to make use of it.
• Please strive for conciseness in asking or answering discussion questions. In particular, type responses using your best grammar. Communicating ideas effectively is important in the types of discussions that are expected to be held in the forum; hence proper communication skills are ideal.

We look forward to seeing more activity on the forum.

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  1. so he added more rules?

  2. Not really. We've expanded the range of topics that can be discussed and reduced the minimum requirements for starting a topic, including completely removing topic preview moderation. The forum is much more open now.

  3. could we cal it change of guidelines then? :P looks cool tho. glad you guys changed it

  4. No Brian. He didn't change the rules. He expanded the range of topics allowed for discussion. Now you can talk about gml and mathematics and he removed the moderator preview. If you look again you'll see that there are a lot more topics in that forum now.

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