GameMaker Game Holiday Pick!

Still on break? Looking for a half-hour of fun to spend on your computer? Well the GameMaker Gazette is here to tell you about my favorite holiday based GameMaker Game-
Merry Christmas, Have a Ridiculously Hard Game (QOG)
In this Interesting game, You play as Santa, or some other guy in a big red suit as you run through 7 or 8 levels of pure frustration. My biggest question is, why does everything try to kill me? What did Santa do to you? Are they non-believers? ARE THEY JEWISH! (I'm Jewish, hopefully you didn't find that racist) Anyway, after you fight your way through homing missile balls, Spikes, Weird Jumps, and other Santa Hating Obstacles, you get a Game Win screen like any old NES Game would give you. "Merry Christmas, You Win!" That was a tad disappointing.

Now to make your game day a bit easier, lemme give you some tips.
1) When avoiding spikes on walls that are on both sides, jump directly up, and press L/R Arrow mid-air to avoid spikes.
2) To avoid homing missiles, right when they are about to hit you (when you are on ground) JUMP.
3)On levels that are difficult with lots of objects, the faster you run, and the less you think, the easier it'll be.
4)For the up/down Shuriken/Ninja Star/Blades, when the star closest to you hits the ground and begins to go up, start holding down L/R Arrow, as you'll make it through.



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  1. there rely wasnt much special bout teh game but its stil fun. id give it a 4/5 :P

  2. You only get the full effect after beating it.

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