YoYo Games Announces Competition 05

YoYoGames has announced officially it's 5th Competition. The Prizes are 1000, 500 and 250 dollars sent to your paypal for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Places. The theme is to make the game as if it were on a portable device, like the GBA. You are only allowed to use the Arrow Keys, and the SpaceBar. No DLLs are allowed, and you must stay within the 10 mb restriction. Good Luck to all who enter. Your deadline is March 31st at MidNight.

Requirements quoted from YYGG...
The rules of the competition are as follows :-

1. Your Game must be less than 10MB (uncompressed)
2. .EXE only…NO ZIP files.
3. Maximum Screen Size 480X272
4. No DLLs or other extension packages can be used.
5. No Installation packages.
6. No use of the registry.
7. Game Controls must use cursor keys and space-bar only, escape to quit
8. Game Maker versions 7 or 8 only
9. All games must be tagged “Competition” and “05″
10. Contest finishes March 30th 2010 at Midnight GMT

Can you have a 3 person team?
"Yes, but we will only make one payment." - Sandy

This seems kind of limited doesn't it?
"...we’re not trying to make this technically hard, quite the opposite really. We’re genuinely interested in proving that Game Maker, and the community can make great games that work well on handhelds. If a 480X272 “view” works well for the game dynamic, then it means it would still be a good game on a 480X272 display." - Sandy

You can't use full screen or you're game will be automatically disqualified.

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  1. Sweet! I'm sooooooooo doing this :P

  2. Thanks for adding in quotes whoever did. :P

  3. That was me. You had left out some important information :) You're welcome.

  4. Hope to see some competition!!

  5. "6. No use of the registry."

    Not allowed Game Maker Pro?

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