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Quoted from the YYG Glog.... "Well, some of you said didn’t like the new design. :{

However, contrary to some opinions, we DO listen to the YoYo Games and Game Maker communities.

Here is the new revised logo, based on the original design but with no smiley and a few other changes (note….this is an ironic statement on my part) , designed by and voted for by the GMC.

Before I start taking too much credit for a slight change of plan (self mocking irony again) , I want to make sure that full credit for organising this is due to @FredFredrickson.

Your comments (good and bad) are welcome, but I want to be very clear…..we’re NOT redesigning it again….THIS IS IT !


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  1. Well, it's better than the last one... BUT I STILL HATE IT!!!

    But i like the pacman in it.

  2. I like it - but not as much as the ball and hammer... I hope Albert is not badly upset by the change.

    "Well, some of you said didn’t like the new design." - Understatement of the year.

  3. eek i dont lik this one either

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