YYG updating infrastructure - YYG Competition 05(CS) - GM8 Release Schedule(CS)

source and credit: Sandy

YYG updating infrastructure

YoYo Games is updating their infrastructure. If you are clueless about the technology that runs the YoYo Games website, you probably already know that we use a web framework called Rails.

Sandy says - "When we launched YoYo Games in April 2007 Rails was still fairly new, despite this it functioned pretty much as promised and the site has worked reasonably well until now. Still, we have had too many outages and performance has been poor when the site is loaded, especially at weekends."

On Monday YoYo Games will roll out a new version of the site (which will look the same) based on Rails 2.3.

Sandy included - "We’ve done a lot of testing on our private servers, but there’s no way we can be sure it all works as well as we hope until we launch. Just about every single page on the site has required some updating, so we’d really appreciate it if as many of you as possible can visit the site sometime next week (before Thursday)and let us know if you’ve experienced any new issues/problems. We’ll put up a page on the bug testing server and post a link here for you to report bugs once the site is live. btw, we’ve fixed quite a few bugs too !… @Trollsplatterer will post a list once we’ve done the release…search should finally work properly as well!

YYG Competition 05

If all goes according to the plan, competition 05 will be announced. :)

GM8 Release Schedule

If all goes according to the plan, Sandy promises to update us on Game Maker 8 release schedule next week

"thanks, in anticipation of your continued support" - Sandy

Exciting news. Please keep your eyes out and be ready to report bugs.

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