Game Maker 8 to be released before Christmas

A little while ago GMC had a poll asking everyone if they wanted to have Softwrap with Game Maker 8 for a quicker release date or if they wanted to wait til March when Sandy can get his own Registration system. It has been decided by the people (in all their impatience) that they would rather get Game Maker 8 early and have to deal with Softwrap rather then waiting just a few months for it to be released without Softwrap.

Poll Results:
Yes - 412 [57%]
No - 310 [43%]

(Total: 809)

Game Maker 8 is scheduled to be released before Christmas. So keep an eye out at the YoYo Games website or continue to check the Gazette daily because we'll announce it first thing.

Until then...

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  1. wtf? they want softwrap? wel at lest were geting gm8 b4 christmas

    softcrap sucks

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