Clear rumor about game maker station

Rumors have been floating around that Game Maker Gazette was once owned by Game Maker Station. This is not true. It was owned by the same person who original made Game Maker Station. That is all. It was in association because the owner was managing the Gazette and GMS at the same time. This is no longer the case :*)

Oh and stop trolling in comments to articles about them. GMS seems quiet and haven't been bothering anyone.

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  1. never doubted it fur a secont rofl

  2. Wtf? Who said it was owned by gms?

  3. The site said it was. It used to say owned and operated by game maker station. I am positive.

  4. no it didnt. it said in association with. the game maker journal said owned and maintained by game maker station

  5. Caniac I think maybe you're remembering a different blog.

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