Was giving GMC a chat room a bad idea?

Was giving GMC a chat room a bad idea? Well we think so. And we aren't the only ones. Ben from Sigma Nine shows the chaos and spamming by some of the GMC members.

Source: Sigma Nine Forums

Ben says
Above are the results of giving the Game Maker Community a Chat room: Spamming, swearing and complete nonsense. No wonder an official one has ever been made or accepted. I still think one would be possible much like we have here. Granted there would be more users there but I'm sure there would be sufficient moderators to compensate.

Tell me community. Was giving GMC a chat room a bad idea?
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  1. I think people should be able to grow up a little and maybe we should have different groups.

    Like, if you offend anyone, you get put into Group Chat 1

    Then, people who don't offend can go to group chat 2

    But that might be too much work, so lets try to grow up a little and hope that others will too so we can keep this chat up and running. I haven't even gotten the chance to use it yet and it might already be gone!

  2. that almost sounds racist XD

  3. but ya i agree with bretboy

  4. Give the chat a break, sure there are alot of people who abuse the chat, but if you come around at just the right time of day some really intelligent conversations actually go on. No, really, they do!

  5. I've dropped by there twice. Both occasions it was being treated like a troll lare.

  6. I agree with superjoebob because i've seen proof

  7. why dont they get moderators?

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