What happened to GMS Competition 01?

Saturday, November 21, 2009, the results for Game Maker Station's competition 01 were promised to us in mid December. After seeing no results we contacted the people that were originally in charge of the competition judging. The answer is puzzling. The judges mysteriously disappeared and refused to respond to messages.

Were records of entries kept? We asked both Frederick and Josh this and they recall the record being on the 110mb account. When it was checked later on everything (including the website) had been deleted!

In a nut shell: They no longer know who entered or what games were entered in to the competition. Nobody was informed because they assumed the judges were judging the games. Now what?

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  1. What a surprise who could of predicted that they would never pay out their $350 of prizes. :rolleyes: This shows you what GMS are. Liars.

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  3. I think they should just post on their forums and ask everyone to post their entries and re judge. How hard is that?

  4. Maybe Joshua should have changed the deadline so that they don't judge in the middle of their quote un quote necessary forum owner change.

  5. I'm getting the same impression as Philip.

  6. It doesn't take a month and half to judge a competition like this. How many entries were there? I doubt more than 10.

    Coupled with multiple ownership changes, the deletion of the site and scrapping of new features I think this is dead in the water.

    Is this blog even part of GMS?

  7. Ya theres no way it takes that long to judge a contest in a community that small. No the gazette is not a part of game maker station. Why do they link to us? No idea. Frederick probably did that before he quit and they never removed it I guess

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