Bret's Weekly Top Games: 3-8-10

Please note that these games are in no particular order!

Well, it's always nice to see new games on the front page, but you don't always know which one to pick. Sometimes some of the good GM games aren't even on the yoyogames site, so you don't always know about some of the best games. Well I'm always the same way, so I've decided to take some time and play some games, and give you THREE games of the week, which all have been made within the last 3 months!

RunMan: Race Around The World! (YoMamasMama / MattMakesGames)- Join RunMan in his race around the world! An interesting twist to the platform scene, somewhat like Sonic but the next level. Hit Z to jump, X to "zoom", which allows you to go faster, break through breakable walls, but also can cause you to wake up some nasty enemies. RunMan is a very interesting and, of course, another great game by Matt Thorson, and it kept me going for hours trying to get gold metals on all the levels.

Link: RunMan: Race Around The World!

Survivor (Soulsnatcher)- "There's only one thing running through that poor mans mind... Just Don't Die..." Survivor is an addicting little mini-game that is based around you being stranded on floating crates (no, not the island right behind you), and you have to dodge many hazards, from sharks undernieth you, to bombs in crates, to acid precipitation and more. This game is completely wacky and out of the box, but it's what makes it so great. Try to survive as long as you can. Try to beat my score of 2 minutes. It's harder than it looks. Try to get the highest online score!

Link: Survivor

Tales of the Maguse (Chicken)- The Maguse are as seems a special race of magic barrers, and you are the next one of them. The Maguse each have there own power, and your goal is to master each one and collect the four elemental gems and open the demon gate. We all know the story. But here is an interesting twist of style that is a top-down magic shooter which is super fun due to its many power-ups and collectibles. They always make a game more fun. Sit back and play a TDS-RPG and become a true Maguse!

Link: Tales of the Maguse


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