Game Maker Station Mass Murder

Game Maker Station recently deleted all members with 0 (or less) posts on their site. Many people are furious about this decision, and hopefully you aren't one of the unlucky non-posters. Game Maker Station should at least have checked to see if your active instead of the amount of posts you have. Some people only come in for Game Maker School, and well, they didn't post.

Nijg says...
In order to make this not tedious, the deletion criteria will be as follows:

Deleting all members that match all 3 of these:
Have 0 posts.
Have not visited for 180 days.
Registered more than 120 days ago. (Most of the never-been-used accounts were created in August/September)

I wish the Admin CP could go back further than that, but it can't. The only way to get this absolutely precise is to do it manually, which will take a long long time... if the member cleanout commences, 3,928 members will be deleted... Does anyone object now? (I don't want to delete all these members and get in big trouble with people changing their minds)

Luckily I didn't get deleted, I have two posts (XD).


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  1. WTF! i had an account on there.


  2. Lol! Brain your account was never deleted, you were AbusingWings, right? The "mass murder" (great way to put it by the way) was to get rid of the accounts that were made for a merge that never finished, so they have never been logged into and were just there making everyone think we had a thousand more members than we did.

    Your Account Would Have Only Been Deleted if You Haven't Logged in for Over Six Months!

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