GM8 and Firefox 3.6 Instant Play

YoYo Games has fixed the issues in the instant play with Firefox 3.6. Sandy warns that you might find some issues and might possibly need to uninstall the previous ad-on and re-install the new one because of the process has changed or something. They aren't positive they have it working properly.
Game Maker 8 games should have been getting processed properly in the last few days, so you should find any new Game Maker 8 uploads will now work properly with Instant Play.
Sandy warns that you may need to wait until they write a script to reprocess it to make it Instant Play. He says that you can always upload again, but he warns against doing that if it’s a Competition 05 entry.
Sorry this all took so long, but we’re gradually getting much better organised after a lengthy period of inefficiency
They are also happy to announce that they are working to get Game Maker 8 instant play working with other browsers like Chrome and Opera.


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