GMIndie Podcast I

Join Brian Fetcher, Kevin, Jonathan Miller, Landon Podbielski and Bret Hudson in a deep Game Maker discussion about the Development of Game Maker and the games and media it produces. The podcast was recorded over a period of 5 days.

Length: 01:00:44 (1 Hour / 0 Minutes / 44 Seconds)

Topics of discussion
  1. Decline of quality Game Maker games (GMC)
    • Post WIP games so they can be previewed before an official release
    • Apply ratings on Game Creations forum on GMC
    • Getting feedback on your games before release is a good thing
    • Failure to use real game covers on YYG website
    • Too many fan games?
    • Problems with gathering art for WIP games
    • Good music is essential to a good game
    • Large teams building Game Maker games doesn't usually work out
  2. The lack of Game Maker media
  3. Game Maker 8 - Was it worth upgrading?
    • I bought it for the image editor
    • 3D needs to be improved
    • It's possible to make Quake in Game Maker
  4. Should GM surface fix come standard with Game Maker?
  5. Game Maker open source
  6. Game Maker for Linux
    • Is the audience even big enough to bother?
    • Mac version of GM will run on Linux as is?
    • PC's demand more than Mac's or Linux
  7. Game Maker for different game platforms
    • YoYo Games, Ltd has a sony account so we can create games for PSP, for a price
    • They did something with flash and Game Maker?!
    • PSP's run slower than PC's
  8. New interface
    • If it's shiny, they'll buy it!
  9. Lack of tutorials distributed
    • the window size is too small for advanced tutorials
    • maybe make Game Maker come with an eBook?

Click this link to Download GMIndie Podcast I

You can also find a funny podcast take-out "Sandy's a Dude?!" right here + the funny video to go along with it. You shouldn't watch the video until you're done listening to the take-out audio file.

GMIndie Podcast II coming soon.

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  1. An hour? You guys must have poured a lot of time into this podcast. O_O

    Great job. The content was very good.

  2. lol ya it was fun recording this

    check out teh take-out. its funny =3

  3. Well made. :)
    (Kevin was the best!) :P

  4. HA! i knew you were gonna say that XD but ya. you were =3

  5. Hahaha, "Sandy's a dude??" I will never forget that, Kevin. I'm surprised how much good conversation we got in this podcast. Very nice job.d

  6. he even sent me a youtube video that showed his screen, and when he looked above his monitor you could see the note lol

  7. lol

    there you go XD its epic

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