Overbyte Issue 3

Overbyte's third is here! This issue features Game Maker related news, like Comp05 Draws to a Close, 250 Pages of Crap, New Mac Candidate, IVGM-ORE Please, GMIndie's 8th and Crap April Fool's. Articles include The Art of Design: General Tips and Comp05 Rundown - Broxter. Interview with LiamBarden. Game reviews include Grid Defender 2, Boxycraft, Super Space Rogues, Paper Dreams, Extreme Gardening, A Starspangled Zephyr and Remaddening. Finally, at the end it has a comic called Waiting Room.

Download Overbyte Issue 3 (PDF)

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  1. again, i think game maker news in a magazine is pointless because you probably just read the news where you found out about the magazine.

  2. It's an improvement over the last one. The last one was very unprofessional in the way it was written.


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