Nikc-nack's Magazine launches

Nick-Nack released the first issue of his Game Maker magazine just moments ago. This issue features a game review called Custom Gun Gold by BIOHAZARD Studios, A review of, a game review called Trapeze by Electron, A short photoshop tutorial called High Tech Door, a quick Game Maker news article explaining how Game Maker 8 instant play works with Mozilla Firefox 3.8 and a game review called Growing Day by Kris01. There are a few issues with the graphics. Nikc-Nack says "The graphics are screwed up". Though, the content is nice, short and enjoyable. Enjoy ;)

Download Nikc-Nack's Magazine Issue 1 (PDF)

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  1. neat. i tried out that photoshop tutorial. nice =D

  2. I remember this... lol :P

  3. Yeah, ummmm....
    This issue wasn't very good...

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