GMIndie Radio broadcast 30

GMIndie Radio broadcast 30 is now available. Brian (myself) and Bret talked about game maker news, reviewed some games, previewed an upcoming game, reviewed a website and talked about GMIndie announcements.

Broadcast Show Topics:

FIRST - Game Maker News & Discussion:

1. Iceland volcano to blame for database crash
2. GamePolisher Broadcast 1
3. GAME MAKER GEEK First Steps Preview
(Note: that's NOT A LAG! thats what happens when you use the middle mouse scroller)
4. Community forum description changed
5. GM8 and Firefox 3.6 Instant Play
6. Opinions banned from articles
7. GMIndie Radio teams unite
8. Gazette under construction
9. SigmaNine new look
10. for sale
11. GMIndie Podcast

SECOND - Game Reviews & Discussion:
1. Fwippat created by tucky474
2. RJSGT created by The Berryster

THIRD - Upcoming Game:
Gm Root Killer (Program)

FOURTH - Website Review:

FIFTH - GMIndie Announcements:
1. Meeting on wednesday
2. Website reconstruction today, tomorrow and monday
3. Game Maker Gazette back to normal

Click here to download GMIndie Broadcast 30

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