Mike Dailly - YYG moving to Scotland.

YYG is moving their head quarters to Dundee, Scotland (the gaming capital of the world). Also, welcome their newest team member, Mike Dailly.

Quoted from YYG Glog
The Scottish Government has also recognised the potential benefit that YoYo Games can bring to a key sector in the Scottish Economy and has offered us considerable support for our activities. So, today I’m also very excited to announce that we will officially be moving the YoYo Games HQ to Scotland in the next few weeks. If everything continues to go to plan in the next 18 to 24 months we will recruit a substantial team in Dundee to work with Mike and Russell.

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  1. If I really wanted to know this, I just would've read it on Yoyogames. You know, there are other letters on the keyboard besides control, c and v.

  2. and the top half was the only information you really needed to know. and it wasnt copy pasted foo!

    it was copy pasted to show what sandy had said vs what i had said

  3. Welcome to the club Mike. O_O

  4. Wow Mr. Anonymous really doesn't like us...
    -Bretboy129 ~ Bret Hudson

  5. its teh guy from gmb

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