GM4Mac Release Candidate 2

GM4Mac Release Candidate 2 has just been released! It can be found here.

Well, it's quite self-explanatory, but YoYoGames has been working on GM4Mac for quite a while now, and RC 2 has been released. For all you Mac fans, your dream of GM4Mac is coming true!

YoYoGames says:
"We will be allowing Mac games to be uploaded to the website and we will be announcing how this will be handled as not all games will be Mac compatible (most of the extensions will need to be revisited and revised to ensure compatibility), so we cannot expect just any game to work out of the box on the Mac (this will be true for any new platform we bring online).

This is great news and I hope you will help us get the final bugs out of this version… Happy Hunting!"


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  1. wow that was fast

  2. Which was, the posting or the RC2?

  3. no. i wasnt expecting another release candidate so soon. it was only like a day ago that they announced the first one XD

  4. Well they must really feel confident and know what they're doing with this project!

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