Game Maker Venture delayed

Game Maker Venture (by GMVision) will be delayed as they redesign and write the magazine. GMVision says they're going for the same quality (or close to the same) as GMTech and Markup.

Josh says
Grimmjows computer crashed and with it went all the GMVenture stuff. So this time around I am going to manage the project and see to it that it gets done by mid summer.
So GMVenture is off to a fresh start. They are currently looking for writers.
Interested in writing for GMVenture? Click here
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  1. he's never gonna release it if he works on too many projects at once. i mean come on! he hasnt even released the minisodes. he owes us more than 20 minisodes! he said they would be weekly. =P it think he should cancel all of gmvision's projects except for the ones that his team has time to work on or they aren't gonna get anywhere.

  2. I could say the same about you Brian...

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